4 reasons why you need a copywriter ASAP.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Every business needs a copywriter at some point. And if you’re a business owner who’s tried crafting their own content, you’ll know how hard it can be nailing every word.

So here are the reasons:

  1. To Entice Your Customer To Act
  2. To Establish Credibility
  3. To Effectively Communicate Your Message
  4. For Affordability And Long-Term Value

Working with a freelance copywriter or copywriting agency is one of the simplest ways to help your business reach more people, establish credibility and stay competitive while saving time and money.

We’ve explored the benefits of outsourcing content here, but how does a professional copywriter result in positive growth for your business?

Entice Your Customer To Act

A key element of copywriting services is figuring out your target audience and crafting content that speaks directly to them.

As discussed in our post on writing for different audiences, getting inside the mind of the reader and speaking to their needs is vital to engaging your audience. Crafted content from a professional copywriter will use this engagement to prompt your audience into action.

In the case of a website for your business, a website copywriter will create inviting content that works to keep your potential clients engaged throughout each page of your website. This is where copywriting services for websites, brochures and ads are especially effective, as an engaged reader is far more open to taking the initiative and contacting your business.

There’s no time for passive writing when it comes to your business. An active voice not only draws people in but also encourages them to engage others. Hiring a website copywriter can help you achieve this.

Establish Credibility

How do you feel whenever you see a glaring typo or grammatical error on the website of a business? Professional website copywriting services will ensure your readers never feel that particular pain!

Maintaining credibility is hugely important in building trust with your audience and increasing their willingness to engage with your business. Poorly written content, spelling mistakes, formatting errors and other writing issues can turn people away from your business before they’ve read beyond your home page.

Sloppy mistakes reflect poorly on any business, but copywriting services are the simple solution to keeping your professional image intact. Hiring a professional copywriter will ensure you aren’t losing potential customers over easily avoided mistakes in your content.

Professional website copywriting services will capture the voice of your business, helping readers feel confident in your credibility and establish trust through the quality of your content.

Effectively Communicate Your Message

Copywriting must be clear and concise in order to engage a reader and grab their attention. People are seeking out your business to meet a particular need, so it’s crucial that you answer to that need as quickly and effectively as possible.

Effectively communicating who you are and what you’re offering will ensure potential customers are drawn in and willing to engage with your copy. There’s only a small window of opportunity to establish your key points before your audience might start losing interest.

Take our About page for example. We start with a single concise sentence explaining that we’re Melbourne copywriters, immediately establishing the key information of who we are and what we do.

We then have separate subheadings addressing the potential priorities of our target audience, allowing them to engage with the information most relevant to their interests and increase their likelihood of engaging with the rest of our website.

A copywriter will help you reach potential clients as cleanly and effectively as possible.

Affordability and Long-Term Value

Investing in copywriting services with a professional copywriting agency will save you time and money overall.

As discussed in our post on cheap outsourced writing here, you waste far more of your time and money chasing down usable content from cheap sources when you could guarantee quality from the start with an Australian professional copywriter.

Copywriting agencies like Wordstamp value your time and money by offering quality writing at fair prices. You get all the benefits of a full-time copywriter, without the need to pay a staff writer or waste time finding and training new hires.

As outlined by our pricing examples, we’re transparent about exactly where your money is going. What have you got to lose? It’s time to get in touch.