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Here are some of the copywriting and content writing services we specialise in.

Real Estate Writing

Headlines, Signboards, Brochures, and Online property listings - we write it all. All property listings are written and returned within 8 business hours* or sometimes quicker.

Product Descriptions

Are you listing your products online with poor or minimal content? Let us write effective product descriptions to help sell your goods on any e-commerce channel/marketplace.

Brochure Writing

Brochures require tender, love, and the right marketing content. We know how to engage your audience, clearly convey what you offer, and compel your client to act.

Website Content

Great website content = credibility. A customer visits your site to validate their trust in you and the services you offer. Let us create effective content that's clear, concise and error-free to reinforce your credibility as a business.


Google loves content, and the more ongoing and useful content you have on your site, the more Google will favour you in their rankings. But who has the time to sit there all day blogging? We do!


We edit everything! From typos, to punctuation errors, to sentence structures, we also assess the content as a whole and identify gaps, issues with flow and inconsistencies.


We're a copywriting agency based in Melbourne, Australia.


All content work is completed in-house by our team of Aussie writers. We don't outsource or off-shore your work. We value the work we produce.


Many Australian freelance writers will charge ridiculous rates to write a simple ad. We don't feel comfortable ripping you off. Our rates are affordable and fair.


We create amazing content, and we do it like a bolt of lightning. For example, if you request a 250-word real estate property ad, we'll get it back to you within 8 hours* or sometimes quicker. (*conditions apply)


We know that time is of the essence, and content is one thing you'd rather not worry about. We're here to help, and to take that off your hands.


Transparency is key! Whilst we can't put all of our pricing on this website, we'd be glad to share some examples with you.

Real Estate Ads

Get a 250-word property listing. This will include:

  • A compelling Headline
  • An informative Signboard blurb
  • Engaging Brochure content
  • Online content
  • *8-Hour turnaround (*business hours)


(per 250 words)

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Blog Posts

Get an 800-word Blog Post on any topic. Includes:

  • A clear and magnetic Headline
  • A compelling Introduction blurb
  • Engaging Body Content
  • Research on desired Topic
  • Formatting and Sub-Headers


(Based on an 800-word Blog Post)

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Website Content

Get quality content on your website. This will include:

  • Home page
  • About us page
  • Services page
  • Contact us page


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*Please note: Prices shown above are examples only, in $AUD and exclude GST. Please contact us to discuss your project to gain an accurate quote.


Here are some of the clients we work with and the content we produce.


We write content for E&S Trading, Upside Real Estate, Fisher & Paykel, PRK Kitchen & Washroom Systems, Franke and more.


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Outsourcing content to another country where the writer hasn’t lived as a consumer in your country will impact the writer’s ability to create content suited to your market. Yes, it is cheaper, but not for the long haul. Learn why.

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Get in touch to discuss how we can create content for your business.

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