India and the Philippines are not the answer to cheap content writing services.

If you’re a business owner, then most of your business decisions will revolve around ROI, and if the value of what you’ve spent doesn’t yield an equal or higher return, then you’ve engaged in a pointless exercise.

Outsourcing your content has many benefits which you can read more about here.

However, outsourcing content to another country where the writer hasn’t lived as a consumer in your country will impact the writer’s ability to create content suited to your market.

But It’s So Cheap To Outsource Abroad…

Yep, there’s no denying it. A freelance writer in Australia can’t compete with a freelance writer in India when it comes to the final invoice.

As you can see from our Pricing Examples, Wordstamp charges $147 (incl. GST) for an 800-word blog post. In India, you’d easily be able to find someone who could do it for $18.

Wordstamp can’t compete with that price tag, but what we can compete on is the quality you receive, and the time you save.

Time = Money. So although you think you’ve scored a bargain by outsourcing overseas, you’ve blindly spent a lot more. Let us show you how.

What Did You Really Pay?

Hypothetical scenario: An e-commerce site is about to launch an exciting new range of high-end products. They want to showcase the brand as best as possible. A brand page is required where all the features of the new product range is highlighted and reiterates to the consumer why they should invest in this new product range. An approximate 400-word spiel is required.

Business A: outsources the content to India and pays a total of $10

Business B: outsources the content to Wordstamp and pays a total of $70

What's The Catch?

The catch is that although you may have paid $10 for 400 words, you’ve also spent an hour finding typos, grammatical errors and beyond.

If you happen to find top content writing services in India, chances are these companies have double-checked their content through, and therefore, you won’t find any glaring typos or errors. But that’s probably the best you’re gonna get. And hey, if that’s all you were really after, then what’s stopping you from just using Grammarly yourself. Save yourself the 10 bucks!

What Other Issues Are There?

Your content will lack the ability to match the style and tone of your business’ branding. For example, if your business’ aim is to sell to the Australian consumer, then you’d expect the content to resonate with your customer and market. Handy tools, like Grammarly, are limited when it comes to identifying tone and style. This is where you’d need an expert to craft your content.

It’s ONLY $10 Wasted… Not A Big Deal!

So now, you have error-free work that doesn’t quite read well or how you envisioned it to read. You send the work back because you’re not entirely happy, but you seem somewhat okay with having a revision because after all, you did only spend $10. The overseas company returns the work, but the content created that’s supposed to sell your product or service hasn’t quite hit the nail on the head.

Frustrated, you get someone from the office to review the content and try to amend where possible so that it seems more like the brand you all know and love.

Note: you’ve already wasted two business days and three hours getting this content written to a level that you’re happy with. You’ve also wasted the time of an employee whose time would have been better spent on another project. That’s two business days and three hours where your consumer is yet to see what you’re selling. That’s two business days and three hours of no sales. That time is money, and that $10 has not been well-spent.

But My Business Can't Afford An Australian Freelance Writer

There are many freelance Australian writers out there who charge an arm and a leg. Freelance writers are a unique breed. Many of them feel that because the work they get isn’t frequent and they don’t have a steady income from freelancing, they need to raise their prices to cover the gap. But why should a business suffer at the cost of a freelancer not being able to maintain a consistent workload? Seems unfair for the business, which is why it makes sense why many companies are outsourcing their content overseas.

Wordstamp offers that middle ground. We’re not content writers in India because it’s impossible to survive on $10, but we’re also not the typical Aussie freelancer that charges $120 for a 150-word real estate ad. We’re the ham in the sandwich; the stuff that keeps you satisfied.

For more info, check out the 5 Benefits of Outsourcing your Content to a reputable content agency.