Google's Solid SEO Plan

Straight from the horse’s mouth, Google says, “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.” Despite all the SEO agencies that currently advertise, “Rank on Page 1 in 90 Days”, the reality is, is that NO ONE can guarantee this.

Don’t be fooled by these so-called “SEO specialists” who promise you the world only to leave you having spent thousands of dollars with no return.

So Why Should I Bother With SEO?

Without a doubt, SEO definitely has its benefits and Google will always favour a website in its rankings that follow Google’s guidelines over a website that doesn’t. Read more about Google’s guidelines here.

But SEO is more than just about paying a monthly fee to an agency in hopes to get you on page 1. It requires time and dedication from the agency and the client to provide a proper and thorough Search Engine Optimisation service. The goal should be about better rankings; not necessarily Page 1.

Below is an SEO Strategy Map that highlights all the factors that play a part in creating a solid SEO plan.

With That In Mind, A Reputable SEO Agency Will Ensure Their Services Include:

  • Reviewing your website’s content and structure;
  • Providing technical advice on website development: for example, hosting, redirects, error pages etc.;
  • Content development: for example, displaying relevant and updated content on your website to the person who landed on your page. Blogging also forms a part of SEO and content development;
  • Management of online business development campaigns: for example, social media, email marketing etc.;
  • Keyword research and then using those keywords within your content.

But again, just because you may have actioned these steps, it doesn’t guarantee you a spot at the top of the list.

Choosing The Right SEO Company

Back in 2018, the ACCC reported around 100 complaints about dodgy SEO agencies exploiting businesses and marketing themselves as an affiliate of Google. (source: Smart Company). Great SEO companies do exist; it’s just a matter of finding the good ones.

Ask The Following Questions When Choosing An SEO Company.

  • Can you share your success stories and previous clients?
  • Do you follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines?
  • Do your packages include additional online marketing services or feedback and advice related to SEO?
  • What results do you see us achieving and how long do you think it’ll take to achieve them. (Remember, steer clear from those promising Page 1 ranking.)
  • Do you have any experience in my industry?
  • What’s your experience in Australia (or your relevant country/city)?

For a comprehensive list of questions to ask – click here and scroll down to “Choosing an SEO”.

How To Get Started!

Wordstamp will review your website and work towards Google’s Guidelines and ensure your website meets industry standards. This includes:

  • Evaluating your site’s structure and determining if your site is missing H1 Tags (headings), Meta Descriptions, and Low Word Count Pages, and providing a solution to the problem;
  • Provide suggestions and ideas on Content Development to keep your website updated, fresh and relevant;
  • Assess if Social Media and Email Marketing is part of your business’ strategy and develop a plan to execute accordingly;
  • Conduct Keyword Research and analyse the best keywords to use on your website for your industry and consumer.
  • Once we understand what your goals are, we will provide you with a quote to get started on the basics. We’ll tackle each step one by one so that you can keep up and understand the changes being made and the overall benefits it generates. Get in contact to start now.